Shara's Personal Log

Finding my Place

Posted in Harry Kim,Mirek,Neelix,Voyager by Lady Orion on May 31, 2009

I am getting settled in with the Voyager crew. I am learning my way around the ship and I enjoy helping the Doctor in SickBay and Neelix in the kitchen/Mess Hall. The Doctor has been glowing in his compliments about my work lately. *blush* That is a far cry from when I first started in SickBay – I really thought my first day would be my last. *smiles*

Neelix has been such a good friend to me. He has helped me so much, and I enjoy helping him with cooking and baking for the crew. The crew seems to appreciate it, as well – the spice cake I made last night seems to have been a huge hit. I’ll have to make it again soon. *blushing*

While I still miss my friends and Mirek, I have come to terms that I will be here permanently and I need to focus on the future, not the past. Nothing I do can bring back my former life, so I need to make the best of my future.

Which brings me to Harry. *warm smile* Harry brings a lot of joy into my life. I love being with him, spending time with him. Even if it is only a few moments while he is on duty – I am just happy seeing him.

Yesterday, I stopped by and saw him while he was on duty. Later that night (when he was still on duty) I brought him some cake and tea. *blush* And I got a kiss goodbye, which was very nice. *giggle*

Well, that’s all for now, I suppose.

Shara out.


An Intruder on Board

Posted in Harry Kim,intruder,Mashteh by Lady Orion on May 29, 2009

Last night was…interesting. We had an intruder on Voyager. He was a…um…humanoid lizard? Maybe?

All I know is that he was very big and scared me to death.

He left peacefully, but it was still unsettling.

Since this is the second creature to seek out my quarters in just a few days, I have to wonder if there isn’t something odd going on with my pheromones. I will have to ask the Doctor about it later.

Mashteh came back last night. I was relieved. (But glad he wasn’t there when the new creature visited. Mashteh would have eaten him, I’m afraid. ) I feel safe when Mashteh stays with me at night.

Harry and I had a wonderful time on the Holodeck. He is so romantic!

*sigh* Well, off to help Neelix with dinner. I’ll write more later.

Shara out.

Another Fight

Posted in Cornelia Archer,fighting by Lady Orion on May 28, 2009

Great. Another fight. This time with Cornelia Archer.

*sigh* I know I need to control my emotions. I know that. If I don’t, I will be in huge trouble.

*pause* But sometimes I hurt so much. I miss my friends. I miss my mate. I miss….everything.

*heavy sigh* I will be okay. Talking to Cornelia in Sickbay helped so much.

I just have to do a better job of keeping my emotions under control.

Time for some sleep, so I guess I’ll talk more later.

Shara out.

I Have a New Pet

Posted in Mashteh by Lady Orion on May 27, 2009

I have a pet draco-mouse. *smiles* His name is Mashteh.

He is about 6 feet tall or so. Can be cute and cuddly – unless he is defending or protecting someone. Then he can be quite scary.

Oh, yes. *giggles* He has sabre-like teeth.

I know he sounds scary, but he’s not. Not to me, anyway.

He makes me feel very safe. I love how I feel when he is with me. *warm smile*

Oh yes. *blush* He is very affectionate, too.

Oh! Time to go for now.

Shara out.

Starting a Personal Log

Posted in Uncategorized by Lady Orion on May 20, 2009

Captain Janeway says I need to start recording a personal log.

I’m not sure why, since I am not in StarFleet, but she says it can be very helpful and it is always a good idea to record events and how you are feeling.

So I will do what she asks.


Shara out.