Shara's Personal Log

Finding my Place

Posted in Harry Kim,Mirek,Neelix,Voyager by Lady Orion on May 31, 2009

I am getting settled in with the Voyager crew. I am learning my way around the ship and I enjoy helping the Doctor in SickBay and Neelix in the kitchen/Mess Hall. The Doctor has been glowing in his compliments about my work lately. *blush* That is a far cry from when I first started in SickBay – I really thought my first day would be my last. *smiles*

Neelix has been such a good friend to me. He has helped me so much, and I enjoy helping him with cooking and baking for the crew. The crew seems to appreciate it, as well – the spice cake I made last night seems to have been a huge hit. I’ll have to make it again soon. *blushing*

While I still miss my friends and Mirek, I have come to terms that I will be here permanently and I need to focus on the future, not the past. Nothing I do can bring back my former life, so I need to make the best of my future.

Which brings me to Harry. *warm smile* Harry brings a lot of joy into my life. I love being with him, spending time with him. Even if it is only a few moments while he is on duty – I am just happy seeing him.

Yesterday, I stopped by and saw him while he was on duty. Later that night (when he was still on duty) I brought him some cake and tea. *blush* And I got a kiss goodbye, which was very nice. *giggle*

Well, that’s all for now, I suppose.

Shara out.


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