Shara's Personal Log

A new visitor…and Neelix

Posted in Neelix,One by Lady Orion on June 2, 2009

As always, it was a very busy day on Voyager yesterday. *laughs*

Due to a transporter malfunction, we have a new Borg drone on board. While I found him intimidating, at first, he is not nearly as scary as I thought he was. He is…charming, in a way. *smiles*

Seven of Nine was concerned that my pheromones might be a problem, but that does not seem to be the case. I am relieved.

And…it felt so nice to have Neelix near me when we were in the cargo bay. *smiles* He is such a comfort to me. He is…very special. *long pause*

Neelix is always thinking of everyone else. He is a companion, Godfather and playmate for Naomi. He is the morale officer for everyone on board. *chuckles* *pause* And he is very special to me.

I guess I need to go for now and get to the Mess Hall and help Neelix get things ready for the next meal service.

Shara out.


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