Shara's Personal Log

A Calm Day

Posted in B'Elanna,Cornelia Archer,Harry Kim,Samantha Wildman,Seven of Nine by Lady Orion on June 7, 2009

Today was a day off for both Harry and me.

We had a wonderful day. No date, really, but we just spent the day together – having lunch, walking the corridors, talking with some other crew members. Then we had dinner in the Mess Hall. I loved it.

I got a nice kiss goodnight, too. *blush*

*long pause*

I am also getting to know more people on the ship. I seem to get along well with the male crew members, but very few female crew members associate with me. They are not unkind – they simply don’t seem to want to get to know me.

If my pheromones were normal, I would attribute that to their effect on females – headaches, mostly. But my pheromones should not be a factor. The Doctor assures me they are under control. *frowns*

Still, B’Elanna , Cornelia and Samantha are my friends. And Seven, I suppose. So that will be fine. *weak smile*

I guess I should go so I can get some rest. I have a busy day tomorrow.

Shara out.


What a surprise! I got a call from Harry and he asked me to come down to the Mess Hall for a late night sundae. Yay!


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