Shara's Personal Log

Jean Is on Board

Posted in Chakotay,Jean Pierce by Lady Orion on June 7, 2009

I am happy to say that Jean is finally on board.

I am happy about this for several reasons.

Of course I am happy for Jean and Chakotay. Chakotay has been grinning like crazy about it all week – and now she is here. *bursts into laughter* In my old quarters, no less – right next to Chakotay’s. *laughs* That should make things convenient. *giggles*

*sighs* I wish my quarters were next to Harry‘s, but I don’t think it would make much of a difference. Harry is rather….shy with me. *sad sigh* Maybe that will change in time. I hope so.

Anyway, now that Jean is on board, I will have another female friend. Maybe she can help me become better friends with the other females on Voyager. Maybe I am doing something wrong, and she can help me correct it.

Finally – dancing lessons! Jean has asked me to teach her how to dance – Orion style! I am so excited! I have even replicated a new Orion Slave Girl – style outfit for me – and for her! *giggles* It’s a surprise.

Well, time to go for now.

Shara out.


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