Shara's Personal Log


Posted in attacked,Harry Kim,Mirror Universe by Lady Orion on June 15, 2009

I had another examination from The Doctor yesterday.

I was attacked a few days ago by Harry’s Mirror Universe counterpart. I was in a coma for days, and I have still not fully recovered.

I have been told by several people that Harry never left my side the entire time that I was in SickBay. They said that he stayed there the entire time: talking to me, holding my hand, and watching over me – making sure that I was safe. He was the first person that I saw when I woke up, although I was terrified when I saw him. I did not realize that it was his counterpart that had attacked me – I thought that for some terrible reason he had attacked me. I hid behind The Doctor – I could tell that Harry was crushed. Here he had been by my side constantly since I was unconscious, and now I was terrified of him.

The Doctor assured me that it was not Harry that had attacked me, but it was his counterpart. While that was somewhat convincing, the look that I saw in Harry’s eyes was all the proof that I needed. I knew that he could never hurt me. I could tell that he had not slept, that he was so worried for me. I could see in his eyes how much he loves me.

The Doctor allowed him to take me back to my quarters. He stayed with me that night, making sure that I was okay. He is so worried about me.

Last night, when he was checking on me to make sure that I was okay, I asked him to stay with me again. He said he would, as long as it was okay with me. I told him that I wished he would stay with me every night.

He smiled and said that he would.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was to hear him say that. I didn’t even breathe for a few moments.

As happy as that makes me, I am concerned about what the Doctor has said about my recovery. He does believe that I will make a full recovery, but he also believes that it will take quite some time. Until he is convinced that I am operating at 100%, I will not be allowed back on duty.

I have not told Harry yet. I want to wait and see what this next examination holds before I tell Harry. I know that he is going to worry.

Shara out.


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