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MU Tom / Induction into StarFleet

Posted in Ensign Braddock,MU Tom Paris by Lady Orion on July 23, 2009

Wow. Where do I begin? *laughs*

I went on a training exercise. It was a survival exercise – living on a planet for 24 hours without resources. Living off the land, so to speak. Everyone did well – myself, Braddock, Munro, Jones, Tuvok, Archer, Harry, and MU Tom.

I enjoyed the training. It helped me realize that I might actually be StarFleet material! *laughs* I am so excited. When we returned, MU Tom and I received official induction into StarFleet. No more provisional uniform! I have a regulation uniform – blue, for medical.

Now on to more personal stuff.

I have gone through different stages with MU Tom. At first, he struck me as being an arrogant, tactless oaf. I smacked him in the back of the head a few times. *laughs* We did not get off on the right foot.

But he was so sweet after an argument I had with Harry. He tried to calm Harry down, and then he comforted me when he saw I was upset. That made me rethink the way I saw him. He really wasn’t the way I first perceived him to be. And when he and I were getting reprimanded by Captain Janeway – he stood up for me. He defended me. To the Captain!

I got to know him better, and I found myself….drawn to him. He reminds me so much of….myself. Both of us have a past we are not proud of. *chuckles* Both of us have been in our share of beds. *pause* But he accepts me for who I am. I don’t have to hide what I used to be around him.

I have told him everything about me. About my past. He is the only one who knows.

And he still loves me.

Last night, we spent the night together. *laughs* That was a very enjoyable evening. I look forward to sharing many more with him. *grin*

Shara out.


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  1. MU Tom said,

    Yeah right! First time you saw me you were head-over-heels in love! LOL But don't blame yourself, I am gorgeous after all.For MU Tom's version of these events, check out

  2. Shara said,

    WHAT???? You were feeling me up in SickBay and flirting with every other woman there! Nice try, but your version is WRONG!*laughs*

  3. MU Tom said,

    Nah! Mine is more accurate 🙂 What do YOU, the followers, think? Post it here

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