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Am I wrong?

Posted in Ensign Braddock,Harry Kim,MU Tom Paris by Lady Orion on July 26, 2009

I really just need to think out loud, and that is why this personal log is so important, I suppose. Speaking my thoughts out loud gives me the chance to hear them and to consider them.

MU Tom Paris and I have started dating. I love the time we spend together. He makes me very happy.

But there is one problem. EVERYONE I talk to about dating MU Tom Paris has the same reaction:

“Be careful.”

“He is going to hurt you.”

“He is not right for you.”

John and Harry have been especially concerned. Both of them have warned me to be careful. John even went so far as to say that when (not if) MU Tom broke my heart, he would be a shoulder for me to cry on. He is my best friend. He wants to see me happy, but he also is worried about me. *long pause* I am concerned by how certain he is that MU Tom is going to hurt me. Not physically, of course, but hurting me emotionally.

What is going with everyone? Why is everyone having that reaction?

I know how I feel about MU Tom. I know how he treats me. I know how much I care for him. He is the only person who knows everything about my past and still accepts me for who I am. And who I once was.

But….the reaction of the crew is making me wonder if there is something I am simply not seeing about MU Tom.

I suppose time will tell.

Shara out.

(PS – What do you think MU Tom Paris is going to do? Break Shara’s heart? Or not? Vote in the poll on the top right-hand side of the blog to have your say, or leave a comment.)


2 Responses to 'Am I wrong?'

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  1. Dennis (@HiTech_Trucker) said,

    Of course He'll break your heart. Been tryin' to tell ya, I'M the man for you Darlin'. ~winks~

  2. Shara said,

    **blush**Oh, my. Maybe I should have had more than 2 choices on my poll? 😀

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