Shara's Personal Log

A troubling 2 weeks

The past couple of weeks have been upsetting in more ways than one.

First, I had a discussion in the Mess Hall with MU Tom Paris. He said that men are better at some jobs than others. A vice versa. You know – women are better with child rearing, that kind of thing. Grrrrr. The discussion got heated, but not out of hand.

The problem is that it was overheard, and that Seven of Nine took punitive action against MU Tom for voicing his opinion to me in a private conversation. She assigned him to double and overlapping shifts. It was completely out of line, and there has been an investigation.

I went with MU Tom to the interview that conducted by Tuvok, since I was a witness. I am confident that MU Tom will be vindicated.

I have requested that Seven of Nine be reprimanded for this and that – from now on – if any major changes are made to MU Tom’s shifts the changes must be approved by Tuvok. I do not know if either of these requests will be carried out. More than likely, Seven will simply get a lecture. *shrugs*

I seem to be fighting with more and more friends. I have now had a falling out with John (Ensign Braddock), Seven and Kala. When I was talking to Adam (Ensign Coombs), he made realize that I can’t keep fighting with my friends. It is a really small ship.

John and Seven were about MU Tom. John said some horrible things. I know what he was trying to say – the way it came out was just really bad. I went to his quarters and we talked for a bit. While his words still sting, we are still friends. We will get past this.

Adam said that the reason why John is so upset is that he is in love with me. *sigh* I know this. John and I have talked about it from time to time. I love John dearly, but just as a friend. While it is true we had agreed to start “dating” on the rescue mission to the Mirror Universe to retrieve MU Tom and MU Chakotay, it really didn’t happen. MU Tom and I started dating instead.

Adam said he would talk to John and see if he could help.

Jean Pierce has been in and out of SickBay – unexplained periods of sleep – 12, 14, 19 hours. We can’t find the cause. Although a visit from Chakotay cheered her up. *grins*

That is all for now. Enough drama for now. *laughs*

Shara out.


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