Shara's Personal Log

Medical Conference and More

Posted in medical training,pheromones by Lady Orion on September 30, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log:

As an Orion female, I normally produce pheromones that can cause problems for humanoid males and females. In males, there is an increase in adrenaline production. This can cause males to be more aggressive. Prolonged exposure to the pheromones causes males to be extremely vulnerable to suggestion. In females, exposure results in migraines.

Until this point, I have been administering a formula that not only eliminates my pheromone production, but it also affects my temperament and also my sex drive. This was considered necessary when I was on Voyager.

Now that I am on the Liberty, I am going to speak to the captain about administering an anti-pheromone formula (so they will be immune to the effects of the pheromones) to the crewmembers and allowing myself to stop taking the pheromone inhibitor.

Not only will this eliminate the issue of having my mood and sex drive altered, it will also help to provide an additional level of defense for the ship that can work in conjunction with the intruder alert system.

Another thing that has transpired is that I have learned from the data feeds about a medical conference that is coming up this weekend. Not only are they unveiling a new piece of technology that I think would be very beneficial to have on board, but there will also be other workshops available and will also be a networking event.

Jared, of course, has insisted on coming with me. It’s not that I mind his company at all – far from it – I just wish that he would not be quite so paranoid about my safety. What could possibly happen at a conference full of doctors? It just seems like he is worrying for nothing.

~Shara, Chief Medic – Liberty


Unusual Cargo

Posted in Ezekiel Storm,Jared Stone,Morgan Connelly,Rain Meadows,unusual cargo by Lady Orion on September 23, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log:

For starters, I lost a bet to Jared this week. I said I could hide better than he could track. I dragged Morgan along with me. We hid and Jared found us – because I was wearing perfume. Not to mention that he suggested I wear the perfume that morning. No, that wasn’t cheating at all….

Oh well. I lost, so I’ll have to pay up. *laughs*

On a different note, we picked up some unusual cargo this week. Zeke was paid a premium to take the cargo sight unseen. (Not unusual in our line of work, I might add.)

Shortly after we picked up this cargo, the crew began to see unusual things. Morgan saw a puppy she had long ago when she was a child. Jared saw his grandmother. Rain saw his sister, Misty. I saw Misha, a pet that we had on my old ship, the Cedalion.

At first we thought that we were simply tired and were seeing things; but after we had gotten together and compared notes, we discovered that all of us were seeing things that we had been thinking about in the moments before they manifested. Whatever we thought about, we saw.
Putting two and two together, we realized that this began when the cargo was brought on board. After Jared, Morgan and Rain went down to the cargo bay, they discovered that the crate we had brought onboard was a portable holodeck – one designed to manifest what the person is thinking. It had powered up on its own.

Morgan shut it down after disengaging the power source and things returned to normal.
Now we are looking forward to some nice, relaxing shore leave – spending the money we made from the cargo, of course.

Oh. And I am continuing to train the crew and take precautions in case something happens to me. I am continuing their training in first aid and also making notes to include in the medkits on board.

~ Shara, Chief Medic of the Liberty

J’rem H’soth

Posted in J'rem H'soth,Morgan Connelly by Lady Orion on September 18, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log

This has been a very emotional and traumatic week.

We started off the week by finding out some information on a known criminal – J’rem H’soth.

While he had a long list of crimes that were associated with him, he actually only had a bounty out for one crime – grand larceny. And the bounty that was offered for this particular crime was huge.

The crew of the Liberty decided to pursue J’rem H’soth. After doing some research and getting some background information, they felt well equipped to handle him.

They got information about J’rem’s location and pursued him there. They had tracked him to some caverns and Jared, Rain, Zeke and Morgan were trying to locate him in the huge labyrinth of tunnels below ground.

In the process, the group split up. Each group thought that Morgan was with the other group.
J’rem captured Morgan and used a spacial rift generator to carry her to a planet called Ryth. He tortured her for hours, including carving his name into her flesh and a brutal sexual assault.
Rain, Jared and Zeke had a confrontation with J’rem, and J’rem lost an arm in the scuffle. But, unfortunately, J’rem escaped.

It was all I could do not to cry when I saw the damage that had been inflicted upon Morgan. My heart ached as I used the dermal regenerator to remove J’rem’s name from her side. He had taken the knife and cut it into her flesh in well over a dozen places, other than where he had carved his name into her. He had brutally beaten her – her face was a testimony to his evil viciousness.

I have healed her physical wounds, but I know that the emotional ones will take much longer to heal. Rain is doing everything he can to help her.

J’rem made some threats during the confrontation with the guys on the planet. He told Jared that he was going to sell me into slavery. I also know that Morgan is afraid that he will come back to hurt her again. Perhaps even kill her.

Because of these threats, we have been working to put our intruder alert system back online and we are also becoming much more vigilant in helping the crew keep track of each other.
When we confront J’rem again, we will be ready.

~ Shara, Chief Medic of the Liberty

A Royal Rescue

Posted in first Liberty mission by Lady Orion on September 10, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log

MU Tom Paris is still missing; however, because the Alsuran goverment officials have found some of his clothing and other effects in the desert near the prison where he had been held, he is presumed dead by the Alsurans.

Zeke made the announcement earlier this week. While it hurt terribly to hear what he had to say, there was some closure at least. Zeke does not want to change his MIA status, but in my heart I truly feel like he is gone.

I have just about finished all of my preparations for the medical training for the crew. While I will keep having ongoing training, the basic training has been completed and the basic preparations have been put into place. I feel much better about the possibility of my being hurt – at the very least, the crew should be able to administer basic first aid.

The Liberty had shore leave on Altori. It was nice to actually be able to breathe fresh air and have the sun on my face. The crew sold some of the meds that they had acquired on the last mission so that we could restock some supplies and the crew could have some spending money. I spent shore leave with Jared on the planet’s surface.

The Altori people are remarkably human in their appearance. In fact, they are so similar to humans that most of the crew of the liberty had no problem blending in. I, of course, stood out. In fact, I attracted so much attention that we had to make a hasty retreat from the planet’s surface. Because there is an active slave trade on that planet, there were some merchants who wanted to acquire me so that they could sell me. That brought back some unpleasant memories, to say the least.

Rain and Morgan got into some trouble on the planet’s surface. They decided to steal a very expensive bottle of brandy from the Prince. They walked right into the palace and got it – and they were seen. They were chased by the palace guards. Rain got a concussion and Morgan subdued the guards. Jared and I came upon them while we were running from our crowd and helped Rain get back to the shuttle.

Rain had a brief bout of disorientation and amnesia, but when he saw how Morgan was reacting he decided to pretend like he was still having amnesia so that she would be nice to him. I played along and gave Morgan explicit instructions that she was to cater to Rain and also to help him regain his memory by using familiar acts of intimacy. I am sure that when she finds out that I played along there’ll be hell to pay, but it was hilarious.

I like the way that this crew interacts. They are always joking or talking. When I first came on board, Zeke said that this crew was like a family. I really didn’t believe him at first. While the crew on Voyager is a wonderful group of people and I have a lot of friends on there, there was always a regimented aspect to life on Voyager that I never really could get comfortable with. I like this crew in the way that they treat each other as equals. Yes, we do have a captain. We do have a first officer. But I never feel like I am talking to someone who is superior to me in any way. They are just Zeke and Rain – sort of like my dad and brother.

And this crew looks out for each other. Yes, the Voyager crew looks out for each other. But the feeling I get from this crew is so very different. I know that they would go to the ninth level of hell and back for me, and I would do the same for them.

Jared and I had a long talk after we got back from shore leave. I talked about my background, what my life was like before I came to Voyager and Liberty. And about him.

Because of the trouble that Rain and Morgan had gotten into, the crew of the Liberty had to rescue the daughter of the Prince from whom they stole the bottle of brandy. She had been kidnapped and it was assumed that she was being sold into slavery.

Rain, Morgan, Jared and I posed as masters and slaves so that we could infiltrate where the auction was being held and rescue the princess. Rain and I posed as slaves, while Jared and Morgan posed as brother and sister slave owners.

I wore my slave girl outfit ( and Jared and I provided a distraction so that Rain and Morgan could grab the princess and make a run for the shuttle. Things went very smoothly and without a hitch.

It was the first time that I actually helped with a mission. I was glad that I could be of help. And I look forward to helping them more in the future.

~Shara, Chief Medic – Liberty