Shara's Personal Log

Medical Conference and More

Posted in medical training,pheromones by Lady Orion on September 30, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log:

As an Orion female, I normally produce pheromones that can cause problems for humanoid males and females. In males, there is an increase in adrenaline production. This can cause males to be more aggressive. Prolonged exposure to the pheromones causes males to be extremely vulnerable to suggestion. In females, exposure results in migraines.

Until this point, I have been administering a formula that not only eliminates my pheromone production, but it also affects my temperament and also my sex drive. This was considered necessary when I was on Voyager.

Now that I am on the Liberty, I am going to speak to the captain about administering an anti-pheromone formula (so they will be immune to the effects of the pheromones) to the crewmembers and allowing myself to stop taking the pheromone inhibitor.

Not only will this eliminate the issue of having my mood and sex drive altered, it will also help to provide an additional level of defense for the ship that can work in conjunction with the intruder alert system.

Another thing that has transpired is that I have learned from the data feeds about a medical conference that is coming up this weekend. Not only are they unveiling a new piece of technology that I think would be very beneficial to have on board, but there will also be other workshops available and will also be a networking event.

Jared, of course, has insisted on coming with me. It’s not that I mind his company at all – far from it – I just wish that he would not be quite so paranoid about my safety. What could possibly happen at a conference full of doctors? It just seems like he is worrying for nothing.

~Shara, Chief Medic – Liberty


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