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Q and A – Jared and Shara

Posted in Q and A by Lady Orion on October 9, 2009

I came across this questionnaire in the 21st century database (ooc – on

I thought it might be fun for Jared and me to ask each other and answer the questions!

Here goes:

Milk or Dark Chocolate?

S: Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate? There is no such thing as bad chocolate. I like both.
J: *chuckles at Shara’s answer* I like dark chocolate.

What kind of shoes are you wearing?

S: Boots
J: Boots

Favorite place?

S: *wistfully* I love Orion. I miss it.
J: *smiles* My favorite place is wherever Shara is. (That answer earns a kiss from Shara, BTW.)

Best beverage?

S: Some mocha drink I had on Voyager. I don’t recall the name. And pina coladas.
J: Brandy.

Which would you try—skydiving, rappelling, or scuba diving?

S: All of them.
J: All of them.

Elementary school—bully or bullied?

S: *puzzled* What is “elementary school”?
J: *laughs* I was the bully.

Ever broken a body part?

S: Yes.
J: Yes, several.

Iced Cubes or Crushed Ice?

S: Crushed
J: Crushed

Do you believe in Big Foot?

S: What is that?
J: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Did you run away from home when you were little?

S: No. *sad* But I was sold when I was 11, after my parents were killed. I wished I could have gone back home.
J: *solemn* Yeah. When I was 6, right after my parents died. I didn’t really understand that they were dead. I thought I could find them and bring them back home.

Favorite costume you’ve ever worn?

S: Um. Not sure.
J: My favorite costume isn’t one I have worn. Shara wore it. That slave girl getup. *wolf whistle* She can wear that for me anytime. *grins at Shara, who blushes deep green and smiles*
S: *still blushing* Then I guess that costume is my favorite, since Jared likes it so much.

What scared you as a kid?

S: *soft, nearly a whisper* My Master.
J: *glances at Shara, concerned, reaches over and squeezes her hand* I was scared of the targs I thought were hiding under my bed. *chuckles*

Any advice for a 5-year-old?

S: *smiles* Enjoy being 5.
J: Hug your parents. A lot.

Got any questions for me? Or Jared?

Leave them as a comment! We’d be happy to answer them!


~ Shara


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  1. Nathan said,

    @clone_erika & @WanderingNathan did the same as well:

  2. Shara said,

    Thank you for sharing that!I will be posting more quizzes soon. :)*hugs*~Shara

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