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Posted in Chase Sryl,Grey,Jared Stone,Prynn by Lady Orion on October 31, 2009

This has been a very difficult time.

Jared, Chase and I went to one of the moons nearby – Prynn – in order to pick up some supplies and to have some shore leave.

(Chase is a former medical student from Dr. Ishom’s medical school. The medical facility has a school associated with it. Chase lost his funding over some infraction of the rules. We are giving him transport to the next system so he can try to get into another medical school.)

It was a beautiful place. There were lush forests, plenty of wildlife, and the people there lead a very simple life. They shun technology and choose to live a life that is much like the life their ancestors lived.

I loved it there. I enjoyed getting to know the locals and taking walks in the forests with Jared.
But to Jared began to act differently. He simply was not like himself. Eventually, he began to be violent and his entire demeanor changed. He was hostile and spoke terrible things to me.

Come to find out, he had been infected with a native microbe. At this point, I am still not certain whether he was infected accidentally or intentionally. I suspect that it was intentional, because the way he spoke made it seem like he was under the influence of the elders in the village. While this is completely speculation on my part, I do believe that it is a valid conclusion.

During our stay, once his behavior got extremely erratic, I had to hide from him. One night, I stayed in a nook in a tree. Some of the local animals – called chittermyrrs -stayed with me and helped keep me warm. (They look like large Earth chinchillas.)

Another time, when Jared had a hold of me and would not release me, it was necessary to plunge my dagger into his upper arm in order to buy some time so I could escape. It haunts me that I would have to do something like that, but it was necessary. There was no other way.

In order to escape, Chase and I had to drug Jared. Chase tricked Jared into letting him administer a sedative. We used a mild sedative at first said he would be more compliant but he would still be able to walk. Once we got him on the shuttle, he began to act violently again – so I had Chase give him a stronger sedative that knocked him out.

I had to pilot the shuttle. It was a bumpy ride, but we made it. I had flown the shuttle before, so I knew that I could take off and fly. The only problem was going to be with landing. Luckily, Morgan was able to use a tractor beam in order to bring us in safely to the shuttle bay.

Once we got back to the ship, I discovered that we had a stowaway. One of the chittermyrrs – named Grey One Who Chitters All Night, but Grey for short – snuck aboard the shuttle and came back with us to the Liberty. Since there is no way that we will be able to take him back, he is going to have to stay on board with us. *laughs* Not that he seems to mind. He seems to enjoy it here.

Once on board, I took Jared to the infirmary. I treated him with a strong antibiotic while I kept him sedated. I also consulted with Dr. Ishom, and he made a suggestion as to a medication to add to Jared’s regimen. This additional medication in conjunction with the medication I had already administered seems to have done the trick. Jared is back to his normal self.

While I was in contact with Dr. Ishom, he made me a surprising offer: a spot in his medical school. All expenses will be paid, plus I would have a stipend. There would be a place for me to stay, and I could even bring Jared with me.

It is an incredibly tempting offer. Not only would I be able to become a full-fledged doctor, but it would also be a chance to set down some roots on an actual planet instead of going hither and yon. I have talked to Jared about it. I know that he would support me, no matter what I decide – but I also know that he enjoys wandering the galaxy. I really believe that he would be bored to tears if I asked him to settle down somewhere.

Now we are getting ready to have a Halloween party. I am looking forward to having some lighthearted fun. Maybe it’ll take my mind off of everything.

~ Shara, Chief Medic of the Liberty


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  1. Nathan said,

    Is it wrong that I enjoyed pissing off evil!Jared when I knew he wasn't in his right mind and clearly deserved it?If Jared has a MU counterpart, he would probably act like that. Scary thought.*whispers* He is really not such a tough guy when you get to know him (more like a big teddybear), but you won't tell him I said that, will you? It's our little secret. *winks*

  2. Shara said,

    Jared in the MU? *shudders* That is a scary thought….And you're right – he really does have a soft heart. (But don't tell him I said so! *giggles*)

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