Shara's Personal Log

Grey The Chittermyrr

Posted in chittermyrr,Grey by Lady Orion on November 1, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log:

While on Prynn, I had to hide in a tree for the night in order to stay safe.
Several animals – that called themselves chittermyrrs – stayed with me and helped keep me warm during the night. I believe they were also trying to protect me.
These animals resemble a large Earth chinchilla. They have soft fur, a friendly disposition and can be quite ferocious when defending their nests or littermates.
I have also found that they are sentient beings, and they communicate with other species via telepathy.
One of them – called Grey One Who Chitters All Night Long (Grey, for short) – stowed away on my shuttle and has said he wishes to stay on board the Liberty with me.

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