Shara's Personal Log

I have an assistant!!

Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on January 31, 2010

Personal Log:

I’m so excited!

I have an assistant!  His name is Bralir.

Here’s what he looks like:


He’s a Mando!  That makes him full of awesome!

He is a lot of fun, and he’s also a good medic.

He’s a friend of Tal Kotra. I think they worked together before.  They seem like they’re good friends.

Oh wait!  The best part is that I’m his mentor.  Translation:  I get to boss him around.  I have the best job ever!

*insert evil laugh here*

And if a fight breaks out in Sickbay he has to be my shield.

Did I mention I have the best job ever? 😀


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