Shara's Personal Log


Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on February 13, 2010
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Personal Log:

I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I updating my log.  *sighs*  So much has happened.


We found Bralir. He was injured, but survived.  He had been attacked by Visas Marr, a Sith.  He had been tortured while he had been a prisoner.

We returned to the ship just in time to help with….


When I returned to the Orion Defiance – after helping Tal find and rescue Bralir – I came back to discover a disease was affecting all of the Orions on board.
A modified version of Orion Hemorrhagic Fever was running rampant through the ship.  The original version is transmitted via bodily fluids and is slow acting – although very fatal.  This strain was airborne, ran its course quickly – and was even more fatal than the original.  Over a 90% mortality rate.  Of the more than 100 Orions serving on board both ships, only a handful are left.
The infection originated on the Orion Star – Kor’s ship – and then spread to the Orion Defiance.  I am convinced that the sabotage attempt on the Orion Star was not intended to disable to ship, but it was a cover for actual intent – contaminating the ship with the OHF virus.  The timing of the events is too convenient to simply be coincidence.
I am also convinced that the same person who hired the assassin to kill Navaar is also behind this recent attack.  Again, you have a physical attack followed by a biological one.  The methodology is too similar to be dismissed as coincidence.
Bikoura gave the order to destroy the Orion Star – the ship was contaminated and had also suffered damage in recent attacks.
This means that Navaar only has one ship – The Orion Defiance – and that Kor – who was the captain of the Orion Star – is serving on board the Orion Defiance as third in command.
Navaar has recovered and is in charge of the ship.  Kor is still weak, but is no longer in danger.  I am feeling normal.
For the time being, the Orion Defiance is on lockdown and under quarantine, as per Bik’s orders.


Ghez and I have been dating for a while.  He volunteered to come on board in order to help with security because of the contagion.  It was good to spend some time with him, because so often we don’t have the time – I am on board the Defiance and he is on his own ship.

However, Ghez said that he needed to go on a mission and that he would not be back for a few weeks.  I was disappointed that he decided to leave so soon after coming on board, I also understood that he is the type of person that never stays in one place too long and chafes under the command of someone else.

I did not know where he was going, or even exactly when he would be back – he only said that he would be gone for a few weeks.

Yesterday I received word that he was killed.

I miss him terribly.  I know that he was gone a lot, but I also knew that I would see him again as soon as he was able to come see me.

This is so different…… but at least I have Vao to help me get through it.

Ah.  Vao. I also need to explain about him, but I think it would be best if I use a separate entry to explain.


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