Shara's Personal Log

Long, Rambling Update

Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on February 26, 2010
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Personal Log:

Right now, I’m in the Mirror Universe with Lieutenant H’Ress. How I got here is a long story.

Years ago, I was a slave.  I had a Master that was immune to my pheromones.  He was a brutal, sadistic bastard, and he thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain.  On me, especially.

He injured me repeatedly over the course of time, but the last incident nearly killed me – assaulted and beaten, I nearly died from my injuries.

Once I recovered enough, I killed him.  I murdered him in his sleep.  I’ll spare you the details.

But the damage he caused has made me unable to bear children.  Too much scarring from the injuries and secondary infections have scarred my uterus and Fallopian tubes beyond belief.

Fast forward to this week.

I am Vao’s blood doll and we are also dating.  Vao is half-vampire.  He was born that way, on his homeworld.  He’s also the main helmsman on the Orion Defiance.

Vao has had trouble controlling his vampire side.  His darker side has been fighting for control, and has appeared several times.  One of those times was in the mess hall.  He would have attacked Tal and/or Trevor if I hadn’t distracted him by cutting my hand and getting the scent of my blood to him.  I convinced him to leave the mess hall with me.

Not long after that, his darker side made another appearance, this time during a disagreement.  I followed Vao to the Holodeck and – after a heated discussion – his darker side used telekinesis to shove me out of the Holodeck and into the corridor.  I took a hard tumble as a result, and that apparently caused my previous injuries to be reinjured – H’Ress said it caused a tear internally.

I’ve always had some pain due to my injuries, but not long after the fall, I had pain that was intense.  Then it escalated to excruciating.  By the time I got to H’Ress, the situation was dire.  She took care of the bleeding and then examined me.  She seemed….horrified at the extent of my injuries.  I told her exactly what had happened.  She said it confirmed what she had found.

To make a long story short, H’Ress said she can help me – she took samples of my DNA and is cloning a new uterus for me.  She’ll implant it in me in a day or two, then I’ll need a few days to recover.  I took a leave of absence from the ship and should be back in a few days.

Vao is also on leave, with his sister, Cell.  Trying to get more control over his darker side.

I miss him terribly.  Not only just being with him, but….I miss him feeding.  I try not to think about it, but it’s hard.  I want him to feed so badly.  There are some other vampires I know, and….just looking at their fangs makes me….crave a bite so much.  *sighs*

Well, I guess I should go.  I miss everyone on the ship so much.  H’Ress is so sweet, but I get lonely when she’s at work.  😦

If anyone wants to comm me, please do!  I’d love to talk to you.


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