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Back on board the ship

Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on March 6, 2010
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The surgery was a success.  I feel so much better.  No more pain!  H’Ress did a fantastic job!

Vao seems to be in control more.  His dark side seems to be in check; however, we’ve had a few disagreements about our…bond.  And about how much I talk to people about it.

When I was away from Vao, the addiction I have for his bite was almost too much for me.  I was not in control of myself.  I would have done ANYTHING for him to feed – even go up against H’Ress.   When Vao came to visit me, I challenged H’Ress more than once to allow him to feed and to use a treatment that she didn’t feel right authorizing just so Vao could feed from me sooner.

I spoke to H’Ress about finding something  – ANYTHING – that could help me could help me control this craving.  And she did.  She developed a formula that can help me control it.

I had her send a shipment of the formula to me, and I began using it.  My thinking was that if I keep it under control, I can allow Vao to feed when he needs to, but I won’t be so desperate for it.

The hypos are working, but Vao is upset with me – saying that meditation and relaxation should be enough, and that if I use the hypos to help me stay in control, I’m weak.

I don’t care.  The hypos help me be myself and they will keep me in control while I learn the mediation and relaxation techniques.

In happier news – we’ll be having a party on board tonight!  I’m so excited!

And H’Ress is making a pet for me!  I’m supposed to get him tonight!  *happy dance*  I’ll post pics and details once I get him.  I’m not too sure what to expect yet.

Gotta go and get ready for the party!  Bye!


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