Shara's Personal Log

Update on Jared

Posted in Jared Stone by Lady Orion on May 30, 2010

Jared is safe.

We rescued him – myself and Sarge, Ben, Wedge, Aulac, Vao and H’Ress.

Now he is on Serenno with me.  *sighs*  It’s….not going well.

Jared is blatantly trying to rekindle what we once had.  Sarge, Wedge and Aulac aren’t taking too kindly to it – and I know when Jard comes home, he won’t either.

Jared met Piett and Siege last night – that went badly, too.

*sighs*  I feel like Jared doesn’t have anywhere else to go.  I feel torn, too.  Seeing him again….brings back memories, and with Jard gone so much….it’s….lonely.

I haven’t heard from Jard in 19 days.  I am so worried.  I have no idea where he is.

I….hope he hasn’t left….for good.  I hate to think that way, but….sometimes…..I can’t help it.


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