Shara's Personal Log


Posted in Warlocke by Lady Orion on July 18, 2010

I’m still….stunned.

I’m pregnant.

Warlocke is the father.

We found out yesterday.  I know I shouldn’t be so surprised, but…I didn’t think that our DNA would be compatible for….conception.

I’m in shock – we both were – but….this was unplanned,  not unwelcome. *smiles*  A child will be welcomed with open arms.

I need to meet with H’Ress and have a thorough exam to find out the due date and if it’s only one child or…more.

Plus…Warlocke wants us to form a pride.  *smiles*  The equivalent of marriage for his species.  I thought that was very sweet.  It’s a little different than marriage, but…kind of similar.

I guess…I’m settling down.

*smiles*  I like it.


Warlocke and Nak Shimor

Posted in away missions,love,Warlocke by Lady Orion on July 16, 2010

The mission on Nak Shimor went smoothly.  Kalei did very well with assisting me, and Warlocke kept us safe.

I’ve been working on Boss to help with his injuries.  He was severely injured on the mission to Giju.

Warlocke and I are continuing to be close.  We are….mates.  Lifemates, I guess is the term.

The bond we share makes intimacy with him….incredible.  We can feel each other’s passion, as well as our own.  We know each other’s wants, needs and desires without having to speak them.  Plus the fact that I love him dearly…well…that makes it even more special.

Mission Update and Warlocke

Posted in IC Post,Warlocke by Lady Orion on July 2, 2010

The mission accomplished the objective – the trade agreement between B’Daal and NavKor 36 was signed – but there was an incident.  A rogue sniper tried to kill us.  He shot Phobetor – who was shielding Emerald with his body – and the projectile went through Phobetor and hit Em.

Had Phobetor not jumped in front of Emerald, it would have killed her instantly.

They are both recovering, and have even gone on another mission.

Now….for Warlocke.

Warlocke was created for me by H’Ress as my protector and companion.  I raised him from a cub.  He looked like this when I first got him:

Wasn’t he CUTE?!

He grew into a large warcat.  HUGE!

And then….he asked H’Ress for the ability to be able to shift between bipedal and a quadruped.

In his quadruped form:

And to give you and idea of his size:

In his bipedal form:

Another look:

And….he’s been staying in his biped form quite a bit.  He and I have been going on missions, and he’s working for NavKor 36 now.

He and I have grown….*blushes* very close on this last mission.