Shara's Personal Log

Warlocke and Nak Shimor

Posted in away missions,love,Warlocke by Lady Orion on July 16, 2010

The mission on Nak Shimor went smoothly.  Kalei did very well with assisting me, and Warlocke kept us safe.

I’ve been working on Boss to help with his injuries.  He was severely injured on the mission to Giju.

Warlocke and I are continuing to be close.  We are….mates.  Lifemates, I guess is the term.

The bond we share makes intimacy with him….incredible.  We can feel each other’s passion, as well as our own.  We know each other’s wants, needs and desires without having to speak them.  Plus the fact that I love him dearly…well…that makes it even more special.


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