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Happy Birthday, Ian!!!!

Posted in Ian Scarlet by Lady Orion on July 23, 2011


I know we met under less-than-perfect circumstances, but I have grown to love you. You are a wonderful captain, a sweet man, and my best friend.

I am so glad that I got to know you, and I wish you many, many more happy birthdays in your future.



Birthday wishes from others:

“Happy Birthday! Come visit us sometime! We miss you!” (From Emerald) 

“Wishing you a fun, wonderful and fantastic birthday, Cap’n! You deserve it! –Love, Becky” 🙂

Captain, it’s been an honor working with you on the Liberty. You’re a good man and I wish you the best. Briikase gote’tuur, alor’ad! (from @RC_Boss)

For Ian: Happy Birthday, Cap’n! Lemme know when that engine of yours needs a good lube job. 😉 (from @Deliah_Blue )

“WEXIA!!” (From @HRMQueenofWexia )

“It was a pleasure to work for you one our one mission and I wish you many more wonderful years.” (from @Miss_Vix_Lahue )

“To my favorite drunk captain, can’t wait till you stop in my bar, with some affection and mostly amusement, Wes.”

“Since it is your birthday, I will not kill you. Yet.” (from @TynnaraKiet)



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  1. Rival Crimson said,

    Happy birthday Cap’n! Hope you get super crazy drunk! Hopefully we’ll do that soon and get into a barfight! (From @RivalCrimson) 😀

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