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Happy Birthday, Boss!

Posted in Boss by Lady Orion on August 5, 2011


I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and tell you I miss you! *blows kisses*

And some other well wishes:

From Ian:

“Yer th’ mos’ honor’ble guy I know, an’ it’s a pleasure knowin’ ya. Happy Birthday, Boss.”

From TaSolaire:

“Happy Birthday, Boss *kisses your cheek* Best. Mando. Ever.”
From Vix:
“Briikase Gote’tuur, Boss. You are a good man and deserve an amazing day! -Vix’ika”
“NO FORCE FLING POO FOR YOO! HAPPY BIRFDAY!” -EmpChihuahua & Sandal Maximus ūüôā
From Corden:
“Hey Boss, I heard it;s your birthday. That’s pretty cool. I remember my 20th birthday, I had waffles. I like waffles¬†because they’re like pancakes, except with syrup traps. Anyway, back to you. You’re a pretty cool cat. In a few short months we’ve become¬†pretty good buds. Something I’m pretty stoked about. While I don’t know anything incriminating about you, yet, I’m sure I will soon. ¬†That being said, I’m pretty excited about your adventure to the land of California. They say there’s gold here! We could put our Mando¬†suits on and go prospecting! I bet Discovery Channel would be willing to film us for it. Two Mandalorians out trying to prospect. Oh the¬†shenanigans that would ensue! Well, I’m getting a little long winded, so I’ll say happy birthday, and make sure you wrap up before you get¬†get down. Don’t want any little Boss’s running around! Happy birthday Boss, Love, Corden. (Yes homo)(Like no homo. but opposite. You get it)”
From G’naal:
“Happy Birthday, cretin.”
((Hope you have a GREAT birthday! <3))