Shara's Personal Log

A Royal Rescue

Posted in first Liberty mission by Lady Orion on September 10, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log

MU Tom Paris is still missing; however, because the Alsuran goverment officials have found some of his clothing and other effects in the desert near the prison where he had been held, he is presumed dead by the Alsurans.

Zeke made the announcement earlier this week. While it hurt terribly to hear what he had to say, there was some closure at least. Zeke does not want to change his MIA status, but in my heart I truly feel like he is gone.

I have just about finished all of my preparations for the medical training for the crew. While I will keep having ongoing training, the basic training has been completed and the basic preparations have been put into place. I feel much better about the possibility of my being hurt – at the very least, the crew should be able to administer basic first aid.

The Liberty had shore leave on Altori. It was nice to actually be able to breathe fresh air and have the sun on my face. The crew sold some of the meds that they had acquired on the last mission so that we could restock some supplies and the crew could have some spending money. I spent shore leave with Jared on the planet’s surface.

The Altori people are remarkably human in their appearance. In fact, they are so similar to humans that most of the crew of the liberty had no problem blending in. I, of course, stood out. In fact, I attracted so much attention that we had to make a hasty retreat from the planet’s surface. Because there is an active slave trade on that planet, there were some merchants who wanted to acquire me so that they could sell me. That brought back some unpleasant memories, to say the least.

Rain and Morgan got into some trouble on the planet’s surface. They decided to steal a very expensive bottle of brandy from the Prince. They walked right into the palace and got it – and they were seen. They were chased by the palace guards. Rain got a concussion and Morgan subdued the guards. Jared and I came upon them while we were running from our crowd and helped Rain get back to the shuttle.

Rain had a brief bout of disorientation and amnesia, but when he saw how Morgan was reacting he decided to pretend like he was still having amnesia so that she would be nice to him. I played along and gave Morgan explicit instructions that she was to cater to Rain and also to help him regain his memory by using familiar acts of intimacy. I am sure that when she finds out that I played along there’ll be hell to pay, but it was hilarious.

I like the way that this crew interacts. They are always joking or talking. When I first came on board, Zeke said that this crew was like a family. I really didn’t believe him at first. While the crew on Voyager is a wonderful group of people and I have a lot of friends on there, there was always a regimented aspect to life on Voyager that I never really could get comfortable with. I like this crew in the way that they treat each other as equals. Yes, we do have a captain. We do have a first officer. But I never feel like I am talking to someone who is superior to me in any way. They are just Zeke and Rain – sort of like my dad and brother.

And this crew looks out for each other. Yes, the Voyager crew looks out for each other. But the feeling I get from this crew is so very different. I know that they would go to the ninth level of hell and back for me, and I would do the same for them.

Jared and I had a long talk after we got back from shore leave. I talked about my background, what my life was like before I came to Voyager and Liberty. And about him.

Because of the trouble that Rain and Morgan had gotten into, the crew of the Liberty had to rescue the daughter of the Prince from whom they stole the bottle of brandy. She had been kidnapped and it was assumed that she was being sold into slavery.

Rain, Morgan, Jared and I posed as masters and slaves so that we could infiltrate where the auction was being held and rescue the princess. Rain and I posed as slaves, while Jared and Morgan posed as brother and sister slave owners.

I wore my slave girl outfit ( and Jared and I provided a distraction so that Rain and Morgan could grab the princess and make a run for the shuttle. Things went very smoothly and without a hitch.

It was the first time that I actually helped with a mission. I was glad that I could be of help. And I look forward to helping them more in the future.

~Shara, Chief Medic – Liberty