Shara's Personal Log

J’rem H’soth

Posted in J'rem H'soth,Morgan Connelly by Lady Orion on September 18, 2009

Chief Medic’s Log

This has been a very emotional and traumatic week.

We started off the week by finding out some information on a known criminal – J’rem H’soth.

While he had a long list of crimes that were associated with him, he actually only had a bounty out for one crime – grand larceny. And the bounty that was offered for this particular crime was huge.

The crew of the Liberty decided to pursue J’rem H’soth. After doing some research and getting some background information, they felt well equipped to handle him.

They got information about J’rem’s location and pursued him there. They had tracked him to some caverns and Jared, Rain, Zeke and Morgan were trying to locate him in the huge labyrinth of tunnels below ground.

In the process, the group split up. Each group thought that Morgan was with the other group.
J’rem captured Morgan and used a spacial rift generator to carry her to a planet called Ryth. He tortured her for hours, including carving his name into her flesh and a brutal sexual assault.
Rain, Jared and Zeke had a confrontation with J’rem, and J’rem lost an arm in the scuffle. But, unfortunately, J’rem escaped.

It was all I could do not to cry when I saw the damage that had been inflicted upon Morgan. My heart ached as I used the dermal regenerator to remove J’rem’s name from her side. He had taken the knife and cut it into her flesh in well over a dozen places, other than where he had carved his name into her. He had brutally beaten her – her face was a testimony to his evil viciousness.

I have healed her physical wounds, but I know that the emotional ones will take much longer to heal. Rain is doing everything he can to help her.

J’rem made some threats during the confrontation with the guys on the planet. He told Jared that he was going to sell me into slavery. I also know that Morgan is afraid that he will come back to hurt her again. Perhaps even kill her.

Because of these threats, we have been working to put our intruder alert system back online and we are also becoming much more vigilant in helping the crew keep track of each other.
When we confront J’rem again, we will be ready.

~ Shara, Chief Medic of the Liberty