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Relationships and Love – Warlocke, Boss and Jake

I am an Orion.

I know that seems like a silly thing to say.  It’s obvious, right?  The green skin kind of gives it away.

But it’s more than just being green.  A lot more.

The Starfleet database describes Orion females as “animalistic in nature, known for their extreme carnal appetites and their innate skill of seduction.”

The database has some lies in there, but that part is true.  *sighs*  I am….that way.

I always fought it before.  Being around humans, I tried so hard to fight it and to conform to their ways.  I really did.  I was monogamous with anyone I dated.  I’m not saying I never thought about cheating, or that I didn’t steal a kiss or two, but I never slept with anyone else when I was dating someone.

*sighs*  But it was so hard.  I struggled with it so much.  Like H’Ress said:  This pair-bonding baffles me.

So then I met Warlocke. He is my mate.  I love him dearly.

He understands me and my nature.  Honestly, his nature is much the same.  They don’t really do pair bonding with his species.  They form prides.   It’s like extended family, and it could include multiple sexual relationships, too.   It’s not restrictive.

So that brings me to Boss. And Jake.

Boss – and his son, Kalei – are like family to me and Warlocke.  I love them both to pieces.  In fact, if anything happens to Boss, I’ll have custody of Kalei.

And until recently, that’s all Boss and I were – just…family.  Like…I don’t know.  Just family.  But a few days ago, we crossed the line.  Flirting, then touching, then a kiss.  *sighs*  That’s all it took for me.  The love turned into something more.  Stronger, deeper, romantic.  He felt the same way.

Warlocke didn’t mind if I was also with Boss, of course.  He had no objection to him.  So…when Boss came back from his mission, we stayed the night together.  Nothing happened that night – just a massage, some kissing and then falling asleep in each others’ arms – but this morning *blushes* we gave in to our passion.  It was….wonderful.  *shivers with delight just thinking about it*

*sighs*  So now that brings me to Jake.

Jake is a new hire.  Quite honestly, we pretty much just jumped each other and had wild sex out of pure lust.  Sweet Mother of Orion, it was great.  *giggles* He’s really nice, but I don’t know him that well.  *sighs*  Yeah, that sounds bad to humans, but…I’ve gotten to where I don’t care what others think.

Warlocke knows about Jake and Boss.  Boss and Jake know about Warlocke.  They are all okay with the situation.

And so am I.


Warlocke and Nak Shimor

Posted in away missions,love,Warlocke by Lady Orion on July 16, 2010

The mission on Nak Shimor went smoothly.  Kalei did very well with assisting me, and Warlocke kept us safe.

I’ve been working on Boss to help with his injuries.  He was severely injured on the mission to Giju.

Warlocke and I are continuing to be close.  We are….mates.  Lifemates, I guess is the term.

The bond we share makes intimacy with him….incredible.  We can feel each other’s passion, as well as our own.  We know each other’s wants, needs and desires without having to speak them.  Plus the fact that I love him dearly…well…that makes it even more special.


Posted in dating,Harry Kim,love,Neelix by Lady Orion on June 1, 2009

Yesterday was a very difficult day.

Where do I begin? When I came to Voyager, it was a very traumatic time. I had lost my ship; I was injured; I had lost my friends and Mirek, and I was now 200 years in the future.

Two people were so incredibly helpful to me those first few days: Neelix and Harry.

Neelix is/was immune to my pheromones, so he stayed with me all night in Sickbay that first, awful night. Tuvok and Vorik (also immune) stayed, as well, but Neelix was the one to comfort me, talk to me. Tuvok and Vorik guarded me physically while the Doctor worked to find a way to control the effect of my pheromones on the crew, but Neelix….well, Neelix was worried about my heart. *smiles* He talked to me, comforted me, and never left my side.

Neelix also…went with me to…see Mirek and the others after they had…passed on. He held my hand, hugged me and let me cry while I said my final goodbyes.

Then there’s Harry. *smiles* Harry has been wonderful to me. He is so kind, gentle and thoughtful. I love him, very much.

*deep breath* But….I need some time. I need to take some time and deal with my losses. I need to find a way to handle my emotions – including my anger. I need to grieve.

But…not only that. I need to find my place on Voyager. To see where I truly fit in.

So I have asked Harry if we can just be friends for now.

I hope that Harry and I can date again…later. Time will tell.

Shara out.