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Happy Birthday, Vix!

Posted in OOC Post by Lady Orion on July 25, 2011



Happy Birthday, Vix!

We’re so glad to have you with NavKor 36!

Some thoughts from others:

“Happy birthday to a great rper and a better friend.” (@LightSideChef)

“Hey kid, I hope you have a great day and have many, many more years of a happy life. Briikase gote’tuur, Vix’ika!” (@RC_Boss)

“You are an amazing person. You have such a big heart, kind, loving, funny, so creative. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day! All my love, forever and always, Your Cheza”

“Happy birthday.” (@_Navaar)

(From all of us at #NavKor36RPG – have a GREAT birthday, and we’re glad you’re with us.)




OOC Post – Twitter Roleplaying Lists and RSS feed

Posted in OOC Post by Lady Orion on June 27, 2010

Just a quick note.

Twitter  Lists

If you’re on Twitter and you want to follow along with the RP Storylines, follow this list:

Click here – NavKor 36 RPG Twitter Roleplaying List

RSS feed

Don’t want to follow along on Twitter?  Don’t even go on Twitter?  Never fear!  Subscribe to the RSS feed!  It’s the Twitter roleplaying tweets, but you don’t need to be on Twitter to enjoy it:

Click Here – NavKor 36 RPG RSS Feed

OOC Post – a new RP option

Posted in OOC Post by Lady Orion on January 31, 2010

There is a new RP forum for SW/ST RP.

This isn’t intended as a replacement for Twitter RPing, but in addition to it.

Why have the forum?

Sometimes Twitter is down, or it has lag.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a place where you can post when you have a free minute and then others can respond when they have time.

It can be easier to follow than Twitter.

Less hectic than Twitter.

Less drama than Twitter.

Plus – there’s an OOC forum where everyone can post about RL stuff.

I hope you guys will check it out and try it.