Shara's Personal Log

Happy Birthday, Ian!

Posted in Uncategorized by Lady Orion on July 23, 2012

Dear, Ian – 

If I had a bazillion credits, I’d buy you…

…a ship:



a new blaster:



and lots of booze:




But I don’t, so you’ll have to settle for this:



Happy Birthday, Ian.

I love you very much.

—-Shara ❤ 















New friends

Posted in Uncategorized by Lady Orion on January 31, 2010

I’ve made several new friends since coming on this new ship.

  • Vao Goldheart – I haven’t known him long, but I feel really close to him.  He’s a sweet guy.
  • Tal Kotra – a Mando and he seems really nice.  I like talking to him and he also makes me feel safer when he’s assigned to guard Sickbay.
  • Bralir – he’s my assistant and also a Mando.  He’s awesome!
  • Eal – He’s a Sith, but he seems nice.  He’s a little jealous of Ghez and would probably kill him if he had the chance, though.  That’s not good.
  • Bikoura – Bik is Navaar’s husband.  He’s a Mando, too.  Seems like a cool guy.  Navaar’s lucky to have him.
  • Deliah Blue – She gorgeous, awesome and Zeltron.  What else do I need to say?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but just a few of the people I’ve become friends with.

I like this ship. 🙂

New Ship: The Orion Defiance

Posted in Uncategorized by Lady Orion on January 12, 2010

I’ve really enjoyed serving on a new ship. I’ve met a lot of nice people and I am enjoying learning about a new galaxy.

Navaar has acquired a new vessel. It’s a Nebula-class starship. Very nice. Very impressive.
I have opted to move from the Orion Star to the Orion Defiance – the new ship – and be a medic on board there. Navaar will serve as the captain of the new ship. Kor will serve as captain of the old ship.
Sorry this is so short, but it’s late. I’m so tired.

Starting a Personal Log

Posted in Uncategorized by Lady Orion on May 20, 2009

Captain Janeway says I need to start recording a personal log.

I’m not sure why, since I am not in StarFleet, but she says it can be very helpful and it is always a good idea to record events and how you are feeling.

So I will do what she asks.


Shara out.