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Mission Update and Warlocke

Posted in IC Post,Warlocke by Lady Orion on July 2, 2010

The mission accomplished the objective – the trade agreement between B’Daal and NavKor 36 was signed – but there was an incident.  A rogue sniper tried to kill us.  He shot Phobetor – who was shielding Emerald with his body – and the projectile went through Phobetor and hit Em.

Had Phobetor not jumped in front of Emerald, it would have killed her instantly.

They are both recovering, and have even gone on another mission.

Now….for Warlocke.

Warlocke was created for me by H’Ress as my protector and companion.  I raised him from a cub.  He looked like this when I first got him:

Wasn’t he CUTE?!

He grew into a large warcat.  HUGE!

And then….he asked H’Ress for the ability to be able to shift between bipedal and a quadruped.

In his quadruped form:

And to give you and idea of his size:

In his bipedal form:

Another look:

And….he’s been staying in his biped form quite a bit.  He and I have been going on missions, and he’s working for NavKor 36 now.

He and I have grown….*blushes* very close on this last mission.


OOC Post – Twitter Roleplaying Lists and RSS feed

Posted in OOC Post by Lady Orion on June 27, 2010

Just a quick note.

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Working for NavKor 36. Again.

Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on June 23, 2010
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Well, I’m back to working for Navaar.  Well, NavKor 36, but it’s still for Navaar.

Still no word from Jard.  I’m beyond worried.  Almost….resigned to the fact that something awful has happened.  It’s been over a month since he’s commed. *voice trails off sadly*

*after a while the recording resumes*  I’m working in the med center here at NavKor HQ.  It’s nice – pretty much like SickBay on Voyager.  Dr. Akanseh has been visiting me here, too, studying the facilities.  *smiles*

I’ve also agreed to go on a mission for NavKor 36.  I have a bad feeling about this one…..


Posted in Warlocke by Lady Orion on June 4, 2010
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Wow.  O.O

H’Ress made some changes to Warlocke, and they are….incredible.

He can shift from biped to quadruped.  I have to admit that it’s a little unsettling to see him as a biped.  I don’t really know why.

But he’s still Warlocke, and I still adore him.  I guess I just never looked at him as….a guy before.  I know that sounds stupid, but….*sighs*  Before he was my pet.  Now, he’s….not.  He’s….like a guy version of H’Ress.

He’s 8′ 4″ tall (just a little taller than H’Ress is).  He’s….*blushes* very definitely male.  We still have our bond, so…I can sense his thoughts and he can sense mine.

It’ll just take time to get used to him in this form, is all.

Update on Jared

Posted in Jared Stone by Lady Orion on May 30, 2010

Jared is safe.

We rescued him – myself and Sarge, Ben, Wedge, Aulac, Vao and H’Ress.

Now he is on Serenno with me.  *sighs*  It’s….not going well.

Jared is blatantly trying to rekindle what we once had.  Sarge, Wedge and Aulac aren’t taking too kindly to it – and I know when Jard comes home, he won’t either.

Jared met Piett and Siege last night – that went badly, too.

*sighs*  I feel like Jared doesn’t have anywhere else to go.  I feel torn, too.  Seeing him again….brings back memories, and with Jard gone so much….it’s….lonely.

I haven’t heard from Jard in 19 days.  I am so worried.  I have no idea where he is.

I….hope he hasn’t left….for good.  I hate to think that way, but….sometimes…..I can’t help it.

Gavyn Kerr and Jared Stone

Posted in attacked,Jared Stone by Lady Orion on May 21, 2010
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When I was on the Liberty, we had a mission on Altori that caused a bounty to be placed on our heads.

Somehow Gavyn Kerr found me and intended to collect on that bounty.

He tried for me several times, but Sarge and Aulac – with the help of Ben and Wedge – held him off.  Until the third try, that is.

Kerr transported in, held a phaser to my head so that Sarge wouldn’t attack him, and then transported me back to his ship.

The night that I spent on Kerr’s ship was…..brutal, horrible.  Something I’d love to forget.

I was rescued by Sarge, Aulac, Ben, Wedge, H’Ress and the Deadpools – and Kerr was killed.

But Kerr gave me some disturbing news while I was with him.

He said that Jared had been captured by him and sold as a slave – and that he is on Altori.

I can’t just leave him there.  I have to help him.

Ben, Sarge, Wedge, Aulac and Vao have all said they’ll help me find Jared and rescue him.

I hope we won’t be too late.

Just call me……..DOCTOR SHARA!!!

This has been the most stressful week of my life!

When I started med school here on Serenno with Dr. Akanseh, he was intrigued and impressed with the amount of training I had already.  He was also very curious about the methods and technology that I was used to on both Voyager and the Defiance.

I explained that I had studied under an apprenticeship with The Doctor on Voyager, plus I had worked closely with Dr. Ishom for a time.   Dr. Akanseh asked me tons of questions, and he also had me lead a workshop – demonstrating the tech from my galaxy.  Then he said that because of my training, he had the authority to grant my doctorate based on what I had already learned – if he felt I were qualified.

Then came the final test – spending several days on the Orion Defiance.  I showed him every piece of equipment, every hypospray, every medication in the Sickbay – plus went over actual case studies I had worked on.

He commed the Doctor of Voyager and Dr. Ishom for an evaluation.  I’m not ashamed to say I was a nervous wreck while he talked to them.

But guess what??

Dr. Akanseh said they gave me a glowing recommendation (although The Doctor did have a few things to say about my attitude – sheesh, you threaten to deactivate someone one time….), and that he was incredibly impressed with both my knowledge and how well I ran Sickbay when I was there – taking charge, giving directions (and I don’t even work there anymore).


JUST CALL ME DR. SHARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance*

Life-changing decision

Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on April 23, 2010
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After being on Serenno with Jard for a few days, I realized that I did not want to go back to the Defiance.

I wanted to stay with Jard on Serenno and finish up my training. I love being on Serenno with fresh air, real sunshine and plenty of room for Warlocke to roam.

I resigned as the Chief Medical Officer of the Defiance.  Navaar wasn’t too pleased, but she’ll get over it.

I have been studying with Dr. Akanseh, and he is quite fascinated with the technology I use. He has never seen a tricorder before, nor has he seen a dermal regenerator, hypospray and much of my other equipment.

He has asked that I conduct a workshop demonstrating the tech from my ‘verse.  I think he’s kind of impressed with it. *giggles*

I am really nervous about this upcoming workshop, but I think if I do well, then I might be eligible for an accelerated doctorate.  Dr. Akanseh mentioned I might be able to complete an apprenticeship and complete my doctorate that way.  I am so excited!

The best part about it is how proud Jard is of me.   He was practically beaming with pride when I told him about it last night.  *blushes green, smiles*

I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he keeps being proud of me.


Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on April 14, 2010
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Jard is finally back!

And he had a surprise for me and for Piett and Qwi!

Jard had the estate where we lived on Serenno so many years ago restored to how it was then.  Had everything put in place.  Had….me put on the deed as co-owner.  I’ve never owned a home before.  I am….still in shock.

And he also gave Piett and Qwi a wedding gift:  a home/estate of their own, on Serenno.

We arrived on Serenno last night.  I nearly cried when I saw his….I mean, our home.  The memories, the emotions…

I wish I had more than just a few days’ leave.  It is beautiful here…..

A Fresh Start

Posted in IC Post by Lady Orion on April 4, 2010
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Personal Log:

So many things have happened….

The DNA test showed that Piett is, indeed, my son.  It also showed that Count Dooku – Jard – is his father.

It was a shock at first, but then….it felt so nice to know that…..I had a family.  Piett is a sweet man, and he has a lovely wife, Qwi.  I wanted to take time to get to know Piett, Qwi….and Jard.

Then Vao came back.  He was here on the ship the whole time, of course, but he had sealed himself in his coffin so that he could try to gain control of his darker (vampiric) side.

As soon as he fed, he….proposed.  I was shocked.

I turned him down.  What else could I do?  So much had happened that to agree to marry him under those circumstances would have been a complete disaster.  I was beginning to remember bits and pieces of what had happened with Jard so long ago.  I wanted to spend time with Piett and Qwi.  I knew I could never do that if I were married to Vao.  It wouldn’t have been fair to him or to me.  Or to anyone, actually.

Vao was angry, and understandably so.  He says that I betrayed him, but I didn’t.  I had no way of knowing about Jard.  I didn’t remember!  But once I learned about everything, I couldn’t marry Vao.  I just couldn’t.  I didn’t mean to hurt Vao.  I simply knew that to marry him under those circumstances would be wrong.

Vao left the ship.  I have no idea where he is now.

The bond with Vao was broken – after a long process.  I’m… glad that’s over.  It was difficult.

Since the bond was broken, I can remember so much more of what happened between Jard and myself.  I remember more each day.  There are a few gaps, but not very many.  I can remember the times we spent together, the promises we made, the talks we had.  The….the life we talked about building together.

I know that Jard is a Sith.  He’s no Boy Scout; but I trust him.  He would never hurt me.  He’s an honorable man.  I know this much about him.

He has searched for me for so long – so many years – he is so happy to have found me and Piett.  He’s trying so hard to make up for lost time.

And….I have to admit that I’ve been searching for Jard for a long time, as well.  Not as long as he has (because of the time travel), but for years.  Looking for him – even though I didn’t consciously remember him, my heart never forgot Jard and the feelings I had for him.

Now we have the chance to have a life together…..a life that was interrupted so many years ago.

A fresh start.

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