Shara's Personal Log

Prynn- Twitterfic episode

((Note – this story was originally acted out as a Twitter RP storyline.
I have adapted it to short story form.))
Jared watched Shara’s face as they walked along the trail on Prynn.

They walked the way they often did – Shara’s arm around Jared’s waist, Jared’s arm draped around her shoulders. He towered over her – over a foot taller than she was, and more than twice her weight – so it appeared to others that this was simply an easier way for them to walk side by side.

In truth, it had started soon after Shara had first come aboard the Liberty. Jared was gravely ill. A gunshot wound from a primitive weapon had damaged his thigh, and then the wound got severely infected. Shara had nursed him back to health, but it was a slow process. There was a time when Jared could not walk without assistance. Shara would walk beside him, supporting him – sometimes staggering under his weight when he stumbled. But she never stopped helping him. When he needed to walk, she quietly came to his side, draped his arm across her shoulders and then put her arm around his waist.

And they still walked that way. It seemed like the natural way to do it.

Jared loved watching her while they were on Prynn, a large moon near the Liberty. Prynn was nearly the size of Earth – so large that Prynn and Gran (the planet Prynn orbited) could almost be considered a binary planet system. Prynn was lush with vegetation, and was beautiful. The air had a fresh scent with just a hint of floral tones from the local blossoms, so unlike the recycled air of the Liberty.

The village where they were staying for shore leave was free of most technology. The locals that they stayed with were a sect that shunned the use of nearly all types of technology. They lived in simple huts and lodges, hunted for their food and planted crops using animals and very simple machinery.

When Jared had been invited to go on a hunt with the men, he readily accepted. (Shara was invited to stay with the females, which she did.) Using nothing but bows and arrows, they hunted down several deer-like creatures and then carried them back to the village. The entire village celebrated, and Shara and Jared took part along with the locals – dancing, singing and lots of laughter. He had watched and she wove a crown of flowers during the celebration and placed it on her head as she danced, giggling self-consciously. Jared thought he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.

After the celebration was over and the festivities had died down, Shara and Jared had walked slowly back to the lodge they were using during their stay. Jared had noticed that Shara looked very quiet and thoughtful.

“A bar of gold-pressed latinum for your thoughts,” he had said, chuckling.

Shara had turned to him, a wan smile on her face. “When do we need to go back to the Liberty?”

He had shrugged. “Soon, I suppose. Are you ready to go?”

She shook her head. “No, I want to stay for a while longer.” She searched his eyes, gauging his reaction.

He looked at her, sensing she wanted to say more, but not sure if he wanted to hear it. He nodded. “We can stay for a while longer, Baby. But we need to get back soon. This was only supposed to be a supply run and some short R & R.”

Shara nodded. He knew she understood. But he also knew she was saddened by his reminder.

That night, while Shara lay sleeping beside him, he stared at the ceiling for a long time. All he had ever wanted to be was a pilot on a starship, cruising the galaxy and taking part in all sorts of adventures.

But the woman that he was madly in love with had found a place that she adored. And if she wanted to stay here and not return to the Liberty, he would do his best to make it happen.

So now they were walking along one of the beautiful trails in the forests on Prynn. Side-by-side, stride for stride.

Jared watched as Shara looked up at the trees, a smile on her face because she could feel the wind against her skin and the sun warming her. He spoke softly, smiling. “You like it here. A lot.”

Shara turned to look at him, still smiling. “Yes, I do. I feel like I am at home here.”

Jared stopped and turned to face her. He took his hand and cupped her face with it, turning her face upward as he came closer to her. “I thought that you felt at home on the Liberty. You do, right?”

Shara gave a reassuring smile and said, “Of course I do. I love being on the Liberty. It’s just that…” she looked around at the beautiful scenery, “this place is so beautiful, so peaceful, so quiet.” She paused, then continued, “If I asked you to stay here with me, would you?”

Jared gently brushed her cheek with the backs of his fingers and nodded. “If you were absolutely certain that you wanted to stay, yes. I would.” Then he leaned down, chuckled, and whispered into her ear, “Let’s not make any hasty decisions though.”

Shara got a mischievous grin on her face. She took a few steps away from Jared. “I guess we need to get back to the camp. I’ll race you.” Then she took off running.

Jared pursued, laughing and taunting her, claiming that he would win. He didn’t. He arrived at the camp right after she did.

After a deep kiss that brought the stares of the locals, the pair walked back to the lodge they shared. Jared walked over to his pack and pulled out an item. He walked over to Shara and put it on her neck. It was a necklace made out of what looked like polished white beads.

“It’s beautiful,” Shara murmured, admiring the necklace.

“You are beautiful,” said Jared, admiring her.

Jared heard his name being called from the doorway of the lodge. He looked up, startled, then relaxed when he saw it was just one of the villagers calling for him.

He gave Shara a quick kiss.”I’ll be right back,” he said. He walked out of the lodge, laughing at something the villagers said as he did so.

Shara watched him go, smiling, happy that he seemed to enjoy it so much here.

She absentmindedly began fingering the beads of her necklace, then looked at them. She frowned.

She pulled out her medical tricorder and ran a scan. Looking at the readings, she whispered, “This cannot be.” She went visibly pale at the thought of what was around her neck and shuddered.

* * *

Jared sat with the elders of the village, laughing and talking. He was drinking a local concoction – strong and potent, it was the only thing that Shara had refused to eat or drink while they had been on Prynn. Jared liked the taste of it and the elders gave it to him with every meal. In Shara, they offered it to him more and more, it seemed.

Shara cautiously approached Jared as he sat with the elders of the village. She was careful to keep what she hoped was a convincing smile plastered on her face.

“Jared?” she asked quietly, not wanting to startle him or the elders. “Can I talk with you for a moment, please?”
Jared smiled broadly and held out a hand to her. “Hey, Baby! Come on over here and sit with us for a while.”
Shara was careful not to let her smile falter. “Oh, I don’t want to disturb the elders, honey. Walk with me for a bit so that will have a chance to talk without disturbing them.”

Jared chuckled and got to his feet, brushed himself off and apologized to the elders for having to leave for a few moments. He walked over to Shara and they continued to walk for a few more paces until they were out of earshot of the elders. “What’s going on?” he asked.

Shara took a deep breath, determined to stay calm. “I ran a scan on that necklace that you gave me.” She looked up at him, looking into his eyes to see if anything registered.

Jared gave short, humorless burst of laughter. “You ran a-” He stopped and shook his head in disbelief. “Why on earth would you have done something like that?”

Shara took another deep breath, speaking calmly and carefully. “I thought that the beads looked unusual.”She paused, then continued. “Jared, those beads are made of bone. They are made of Kazon bones, to be exact.”

Jared scoffed. “You’ve got to be kidding.” He saw her face and could tell she was serious. “Look, I’m sure there is an explanation for this. Let’s ask the elders about it.” He put his hands on her shoulders, smiling at her.

Alarm bells went off in Shara’s head. This was not like Jared. Jared was bordering on paranoid, and often with good reason. His caution had already saved them more than once. So for him to not be concerned and to defer to the elders was….odd. More than odd. It was terrifying to her. Something was wrong.

“Let’s go back to the Liberty,” Shara pleaded, trying not to sound to panicked. “We’ve been gone for a long time. We should be getting back.”

Jared smiled and shook his head, speaking in a tone of voice that was supposed to be reassuring. “There’s no rush to get back, Baby. We’ll be fine. You said you liked it here. We can stay for a while longer.” He kissed her and gently ran a hand through her hair.

“Jared,” Shara replied, still trying to stay calm, “the others are waiting. We really need to leave.”

Jared caught her arm, gently but firmly, still smiling. “We aren’t in danger here. Relax.”

Shara felt fear crawling up her spine. “Jared….please.”

His grip tightened, still not being rough, but being too firm for her to feel comfortable. “Come back to the lodge with me. We’ll talk.” He smiled and leaned in for a kiss as he pulled her closer.

At that moment, Shara knew that going back to the lodge with him would be a mistake, possibly a fatal one. This man, this wonderful human male that she loved dearly, was now a danger to her. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with him, but she knew that there was something definitely wrong.

So Shara exploded in a fit of fury – biting, scratching, kicking, struggling – doing everything she could in order to escape. She sank her teeth into his arm, raked her nails across his face – tears stinging her eyes as she did so, but she knew there was no other choice. She fought with the ferocity that had landed a half-Klingon engineer into SickBay back many months ago.

Jared was shocked by her outburst, enough so that he released her arm in surprise. Shara seized the moment and took off running for the safety of the forest.

Jared started to chase after her, but stopped when the elders told hime to let her go.  They assured him that she would be back.  He sat with them, wiping blood from his arm and face, chuckling and agreeing with them that she was very “spirited.”

Shara ran to the safety of the trees, scrambling up one that was a safe distance away. She hoped she would blend in with the green of the foilage as she sat quietly, trying to think of what to do.

She murmured to herself. “I need to run a scan on him. I also need to get him back to the Liberty, so I can treat him for whatever is wrong.” She sighed. “Too bad the Liberty doesn’t have a transporter. I could really use one right now. I need to get Jared back to the shuttle and then we have to get back to the ship. And I can’t pilot the shuttle. Not very well, anyway.”

To be safe, Shara decided to sleep in the tree instead of going back to the lodge. As she prepared to go to sleep – gathering leaves for bedding – she was surprised to see several furry creatures come close. They looked like large Earth chinchillas. She smiled and called them closer.

Curled up in the tree, surrounded by these animals who were chittering softly, reassuring her, she felt safe enough to have a decent night’s sleep.

That night, Jared stared at the ceiling of the lodge, brooding.

* * *

Shara awoke the next morning feeling calm.  She had slept in the tree to be safe, and some native creatures – called chittermyrrs – had slept in the tree nook with her, keeping her warm.

They were also telepathic (which is how she learned their species name), and the company provided by one chittermyrr in particular was as comforting as the warmth.  Perhaps even more so.

Shara nuzzled one of the furry creatures as she spoke her thoughts out loud, trying to formulate a plan.  “I need to go back to Jared.  Something is wrong with the way that he is acting. I need to see him so that I can run a scan on him. Maybe if I do that I can find out why he’s acting this way and also figure out how to help him.”

The chittermyrr chittered a question.  Shara smiled as she answered, “I have to go see him. I cannot leave him here. I have to find out what is wrong with him and then get him back to the Liberty so that I can help him.”

Shara climbed down the tree and began to walk towards the village.  The chittermyrr chittered and squeaked as he followed her for a short while.  Shara turned back and smiled at him as she answered.  “Yes, my ship is the one that is over there.”  She pointed in the general direction of the shuttle.  The chittermyrr chittered a quick goodbye and scurried off. Shara continued towards the village, not thinking about the chittermyrr but about how she was going to run a scan on Jared if he were not cooperative.

She sighed. If necessary, she would have to trick him into letting her run a scan on him. She hated to do it, but the end justified the means.

Shara approached the lodge and quietly entered through a window flap in the back of the lodge where they had been staying.


Jared was brooding and angry when he awoke that morning.

The mostly good-natured attitude he held the day before when Shara voiced her concerns was gone.  He grumbled to himself as he paced in their lodge:

“I think Shara is crazy.  We come to Prynn.  She loves it.  Even asks me about staying here.  Maybe even leaving Liberty.  Then she thinks the necklace I gave her is made of Kazon bones are something f*cking crazy like that, and now she wants to leave!  And I don’t.  Crazy f*ckin’ Orion woman.  I try to bring her back to the lodge and she scratches me and f*ckin’ bites me. ”  He growls angrily at the memory.  “And she didn’t come back to the lodge last night.”  A faint sense of worry comes to his mind as he ponders that, and a frown crosses his handsome face.

In the meantime Shara had located her medkit and was searching for her medical tricorder and a hypospray containing a sedative.  She quickly pocketed the hypo as she heard Jared approach, and she turned to him with what she hoped was a convincing smile.

Jared approached her quickly, looking a bit confused.  “Shara?  When did you get back here?”

Shara replied, “I just got back. I was looking for you.”  Another smile.

“You didn’t come back last night,” he countered, still a bit confused.  Shara wasn’t sure whether this confusion was part of his personality change or if he really were puzzled by the fact that she didn’t come back last night after the way he acted.

Shara did not like the way this conversation was going, so she switched tactics.  Shara smirked and changed her tone to one that was seductive, sultry.  “I’m here now.”  She walked over to Jared, making sure that her hips swayed suggestively as she did so. When she got closer to him, she put her arms around his neck and looked up at him.

Jared instantly forgot his suspicion and confusion. He leered at her, spoke with a voice that was lowered and husky.  “Yes, you definitely are.”  He put one arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. He brought his other hand back behind her head as he leaned down for a rough kiss.

Tears stung Shara’s eyes as she realized his personality was even more different than before.  This was not the man that she loved.  She reached into her pocket and pulled out the hypo spray, still kissing him.  She then pressed the hypo to his neck.

Jared instantly pulled away, clapping a hand to his neck.  He managed to shout, “What did you–!” before slumping over, unconscious.

Shara staggered under his weight, trying to keep him from falling too hard. She mostly succeeded in breaking his fall and he only made a slight thump as he hit the floor. She immediately pulled out her tricorder and began running a scan.

She whispered to herself as she got the readings from the scan.  “There is definitely something foreign in his blood stream. I can’t tell exactly what it is, but I know that it is not supposed to be there. It doesn’t look like poison. It looks more like a microbe. But I can’t tell if it is bacterial, viral, or something else.”

Jared began to stir and mumble incoherently.  Shara was shocked – there was no way that he should be coming out of the sedative so quickly.  She wasn’t sure if it was another side effect of the foreign substance in his bloodstream, but she knew that she didn’t want to stick around too much longer to find out.

Shara could hear the villagers coming closer to the lodge.  She knew that she needed to get out of there quickly so that she could go over the results of the scan and come up with some way to get Jared to come with her to the shuttle so that they could get back to the Liberty.

She was about ready to make a run for it when she felt a hand close around her wrist. Her blood started to run cold when she heard Jared growl, “You should have killed me when you had the f*cking chance, you Orion wh*re.”

“Jared,” Shara pleaded, “please, let’s go to the shuttle. You’re not well. If we get back to the Liberty, I can get you to the infirmary and find out what’s wrong.”  She struggled against his grip and could already feel that he would leave a bruise.

Jared smirked as he heard the elders coming in.  He sat up and glared at her. “It won’t be long now.”

Shara looked into his eyes and saw no warmth there, nothing of the Jared she knew and loved.

“Mother of Orion, please help me,” she whispered.


Jared’s thoughts were dark.  “Shara betrayed me.  She tricked me by kissing me and then drugged me as a way to do whatever the hell it is that she intended to do.  The elders of the village said Shara didn’t understand our ways.  They were right.  They said she needs to be sacrificed in order to restore harmony to our world.”

A grim look crossed his face as he looked at this woman he held who was struggling against him.  He thought, “They were right.”

Jared stood to his full height and snarled at her, close to her face, “It is time.  Time for you to be taught a lesson.”

Trying to gain a few precious moments by keeping him talking, she began to try to reason with him.  “Jared, listen to me.  You’re not being rational…”

Jared became furious and shook her by one arm – like she were a rag doll being punished by an angry child – while shouting, “I am being rational!”  Shara was seriously concerned that he might snap her arm like a brittle twig if he continued, and she was nearly seeing stars from the whiplike motion.

She saw the elders coming closer.  Her tone changed as he stopped shaking her.  She narrowed her eyes and became deceptively calm.    “Release me.  I am warning you.”

Jared threw his head back and laughed loudly.  “You’re f*cking warning me?”  he scoffed and turned to the elders.  “Let’s get this over with.”

Shara saw her chance when he turned his attention to the elders.  In one quick motion, she grabbed her dagger from her boot with her free arm and plunged it deeply into Jared’s bicep.

Jared howled with pain and began cursing a blue streak.  He released Shara and held his injured arm close to his body.

Shara wasted no time in making her escape.  She grabbed her medkit and ran to the back of the lodge, leaping through the window flap and hitting the ground running for the safety of the trees.

Jared tried to follow her, but was not able to fit through the small window flap as she did.  Cursing, he ran out the front of the lodge and followed her that way.  Bleeding heavily, he soon fell to his knees.  He called out to Shara, “Shara, help me!”  But she did not look back.  She continueed running until she had reached the safety of the woods and had scrambled up a tree to hide in the foilage.

Jared’s expression hardens as he watches her disappear into the forest.  “Cold-hearted b*tch,” he mutters to himself as he stands and walks back to the lodge.


Shara was walking back to the shuttle, struggling to help Jared walk since he was sedated.  He was conscious, but not by much.

Shara had met up with her friend, Chase Sryl.  After a quick briefing of what was wrong with Jared – a closer look at the scan showed that it was a microbe – she asked for his help in tricking Jared into letting Chase give him a sedative so that they could get him to the shuttle.

The difficult part was giving him enough to calm him without knocking him out.  There was no way the two of them could carry him.  He had to walk under his own power, and he had to be reasonably compliant.

Chase used Jared’s stab wound as an excuse to give him the hypo – for infection, he said – and Jared realized too late that what he was given wasn’t just an antibiotic, but also a sedative.  Shara hoped that the antibiotic/antiviral agent given in conjunction with the sedative would also help combat the microbe in Jared’s system.  Maybe not cure him, but at least stave it off.  For a while.

Shara walked beside Jared, his arm draped over her shoulders as he walked unsteadily between her and Chase.  As they reached the shuttle, Shara told Chase to put Jared in the navigator’s seat, and she would take the pilot’s seat.

Navigator’s seat?” Jared grumbled as the sedative began to lose its effect.  “I’m no f*cking navigator.”  He turned to Shara.  “And you can’t even fly a f*cking shuttle.”  He shook his head, trying to clear it, and shouted, “Shara, let me fly this g*ddamned thing!”

Shara helped him into the shuttle and strapped him into the navigator’s seat.  “Jared, you are unwell.  You can’t fly this thing, either.”  She sat in the pilot’s seat and noticed that the villagers were coming after them.  She turned to Chase and urged him to find his seat quickly because they needed to launch now.

Jared was outraged.  “We are all gonna be f*cking unwell if you try to fly this thing!”

Shara shut the shuttle door and began a quick prelaunch sequence.  Now her temper was flaring – between the stress of trying to launch the shuttle and also dealing with her uncharacteristically crude lover, her patience was to the breaking point.

Shara launched the shuttle with a jerk and a lurch, but at least they were airborne.

Jared grabbed onto the console and held on for dear life, suddenly much more alert.  “You call that a launch?” he shouted.

“Would you please sedate him again,” she snapped to Chase.  Chase quickly applied a hypo to both Jared’s neck and his own.  Both slumped over, unconscious.

“Great,” she muttered to herself when she realized both men were out cold.  I guess I’m getting Jared to the infirmary by myself.  I hope he’s alert enough.”

Shara guided the shuttle closer to the Liberty, thankful that they weren’t too far from the ship.  She hailed the Liberty for a tractor beam to guide the shuttle to land.  They landed in the shuttle bay with a slight jolt.  Shara thanked various gods when they were safely in the shuttle bay and no longer moving.

Shara unbuckled herself and went over to Jared, shaking him gently.  “Baby,” she said in soothing tones, “we’re on the Liberty.  I need for you to walk with me to the infirmary.”

Jared groggily got to his feet, swaying noticeably swaying and unsteady.  He mumbled incoherently, barely conscious, but he put one arm around Shara’s shoulders and began to walk with her.

Shara put an arm around his waist and began slowly walking with him to the infirmary.



Jared woke up on a biobed in the infirmary on the Liberty.  He slowly opened his eyes, wincing as the bright lights caused him searing pain.

Shara was by his side, hovering with a hopeful look.  She had kept him heavily sedated while she treated him, and this will be the first time Jared would be fully awake since being back on board the ship.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

Jared chuckled.  “I feel like sh*t,” he replied, bluntly, sitting up on the biobed slowly.

Shara laughed, thinking that this blunt, good-natured answer was more of an indication that he was really back to being himself than any scan would be.  “Well, at least you’re honest,” she said with a smile.

Jared grew more serious and looked at her.  “What happened?” he asked quietly.  “I don’t remember a lot.”

Shara whispered, “What do you remember?”

Jared focused, then his face fell.  “I remember what happened at the lodge.”  He reached up to touch her cheek.  “When you had to use your dagger.”

Tears formed in Shara’s eyes.  “I’m so sorry about that, Jared.  I didn’t know what else to do…”

Jared firmly held her chin with one hand, making her look him in the eyes, his voice stern.  “You listen to me.  You did what you had to do, and you did the right thing.”

She began to cry.  Now that everything was over, now that they were safe, now that Jared was back to normal – she could finally release her tears.

Jared held her close as he spoke.  “I never had anyone cry over me before,” he chuckled.  He stroked her hair and grew more serious.  “I don’t remember everything, but what I do remember impresses the hell outta me.  Shara, you kept your cool and did whatever you had to do to get us back here in one piece.”  He paused, then added softly, “I’m proud of you.”

Shara smiled up at him and said, “I love you, Flyboy.”

He smiled back.  “I love you, too, Pretty, Green Lady.”

The kiss they shared was long and sweet.


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