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Warlocke – Reunion

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Warlocke is home. We are home.

So much has happened….

Nearly a year ago, Warlocke was given to me as a companion – a gift from H’Ress, because I hated to sleep alone/be alone. She took her own DNA, modified it to my requests, and created Warlocke to be with me since she was (at that time) spending a lot of time in the Mirror Universe and wasn’t around as much as she wanted to be.

In the beginning, Warlocke was a quadruped. I got him as a cub.

He was so cute!

But he wasn’t a pet. He was sentient. He was a companion. H’Ress had created two bonds with us: telepathic and genetic (although I didn’t fully understand about the second at first).

And he was wonderful. He stayed with me almost all the time. He was the best companion, because he knew my thoughts. He loved me, wanted me to be happy.

He grew quickly and was huge.

About 10 feet long/tall once he was grown, weighing 900+ pounds.

He was my companion

He lived with me and Jard (Count Dooku) on the ship, and then on Serenno.

And then….Jard went on a business trip….and never returned.

I took the loss hard. It was a very dark time for me. H’Ress even came to get me and bring me to NavKor/Tynnara because she was worried about me. Warlocke was worried, too.

Then Warlocke had a request of H’Ress. He wanted to become a biped. He felt that becoming a biped would help him to become a better companion.

The transformation was….remarkable.

He was still tall – 8′ 4″, which is a couple of inches taller than H’Ress.

Seeing him in his bipedal form for the first time….hearing him speak….his voice was deep, rich and warm….I can’t even put into words how it felt when he puts his arms around me….held me….

We stayed as we had been….friends, companions….nothing intimate. I was still so hesitant, even though he was willing to me my…mate. Very willing. I didn’t realize it, but H’Ress had “imprinted” my DNA on him. Basically….he views me as the ideal mate.

He went through his first rut while we were on a mission. And…one thing led to another…and… *blushes green* I became his mate.

It never occurred to us that we could actually conceive, but we could. And did. (Thanks, H’Ress for making sure we were genetically compatible for breeding! That was a hint of sarcasm, by the way.)

I became pregnant. It was a shock, but we were happy about it.

Then came the speeder accident. I was injured severely. I lost the cubs. Miscarried.

We both took it hard, but Warlocke seemed to take it especially hard. He worked more and more. Took long-term missions. Then….stopped checking in with me.

I thought he was angry with me, blamed me somehow for the loss of the cubs.

He was gone for months. I was heartbroken, but figured that I needed to move on somehow.

While he was gone, I was with Jared. Even married Jared. And then….became a widow the same day when he was killed.

And then….a week or so ago….I met Davidov.

Things moved quickly with Davidov. He and I became intimate. And he was my Master. In a voluntary sense. He asked and I accepted. I belonged to him. I gave myself willingly.

But then I found out that Warlocke was in trouble, and I realized that he hasn’t been in contact because he was in trouble. That maybe….he wasn’t angry with me. I hoped so, anyway.

I told Davidov that I had to help H’Ress find Warlocke. He volunteered to help, too, which was very sweet of him.

We found Warlocke, and although he was weak and injured, he was alive. We came back to the Orion Defiance, and are now back in Boss’ house.

I belonged to both Warlocke and Davidov – but in very different ways.

Davidov was my Master. It was voluntary. He asked and I said yes. Because of my background, the Master/slave relationship is a familiar one. A comforting one. But I knew he didn’t love me, nor I him. A fondness, yes, but not love.

With Warlocke….it was belonging in an entirely different sense. We are bonded, both with a telepathic and a genetic link. He loves me dearly, and I love him. He was created for me. He and H’Ress are my family, and they always have been. I belong to him in the sense that we love each other and are forever connected – even if not together in the same room at that moment.

While Warlocke would never insist on monogamy for me….there is no way I can belong to both men. Because of the nature of ownership with Davidov, there would have come a time when I would have to make some kind of choice between them.

In my mind, there was no hesitation: I chose Warlocke. I no longer belong to Davidov.

And so now….we are together again. With Boss. And H’Ress.

Once again….my family is complete.



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Wow.  O.O

H’Ress made some changes to Warlocke, and they are….incredible.

He can shift from biped to quadruped.  I have to admit that it’s a little unsettling to see him as a biped.  I don’t really know why.

But he’s still Warlocke, and I still adore him.  I guess I just never looked at him as….a guy before.  I know that sounds stupid, but….*sighs*  Before he was my pet.  Now, he’s….not.  He’s….like a guy version of H’Ress.

He’s 8′ 4″ tall (just a little taller than H’Ress is).  He’s….*blushes* very definitely male.  We still have our bond, so…I can sense his thoughts and he can sense mine.

It’ll just take time to get used to him in this form, is all.

A guest on board!

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Personal Log:

I am so excited!  We have a guest on board!  His name is Count Dooku.  He told me to call him Jard.  *smiles*

I am not sure how long it is going to be staying, but I hope that he can stay for a while.  He’s really nice, and he kisses my hand a lot.  *giggles*  And he….calls me “pet.”  *blushes green*  I’m not really sure why, but….I like it when he calls me that.

I got him set up in his guest quarters last night.  I made sure that he was put in one of the nicest rooms, and then it was fully stocked with everything he might need – including a minibar that had all of the types of drinks that I noticed him ordering at the party.  I also made sure that there were few other types of alcohol I thought he might like.

Last night I had several people that were trying to get my attention, so Jard and I agreed that the best thing to do would be to let him get settled in his quarters for the night and that I would see him today for his tour.

I have to say that I’m looking forward to spending more time with him.  He is a very….intriguing man.

Whoops!  Got to go!  Duty calls!

~Shara, Chief Medic of the Orion Defiance

Back on board the ship

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The surgery was a success.  I feel so much better.  No more pain!  H’Ress did a fantastic job!

Vao seems to be in control more.  His dark side seems to be in check; however, we’ve had a few disagreements about our…bond.  And about how much I talk to people about it.

When I was away from Vao, the addiction I have for his bite was almost too much for me.  I was not in control of myself.  I would have done ANYTHING for him to feed – even go up against H’Ress.   When Vao came to visit me, I challenged H’Ress more than once to allow him to feed and to use a treatment that she didn’t feel right authorizing just so Vao could feed from me sooner.

I spoke to H’Ress about finding something  – ANYTHING – that could help me could help me control this craving.  And she did.  She developed a formula that can help me control it.

I had her send a shipment of the formula to me, and I began using it.  My thinking was that if I keep it under control, I can allow Vao to feed when he needs to, but I won’t be so desperate for it.

The hypos are working, but Vao is upset with me – saying that meditation and relaxation should be enough, and that if I use the hypos to help me stay in control, I’m weak.

I don’t care.  The hypos help me be myself and they will keep me in control while I learn the mediation and relaxation techniques.

In happier news – we’ll be having a party on board tonight!  I’m so excited!

And H’Ress is making a pet for me!  I’m supposed to get him tonight!  *happy dance*  I’ll post pics and details once I get him.  I’m not too sure what to expect yet.

Gotta go and get ready for the party!  Bye!

Long, Rambling Update

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Personal Log:

Right now, I’m in the Mirror Universe with Lieutenant H’Ress. How I got here is a long story.

Years ago, I was a slave.  I had a Master that was immune to my pheromones.  He was a brutal, sadistic bastard, and he thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain.  On me, especially.

He injured me repeatedly over the course of time, but the last incident nearly killed me – assaulted and beaten, I nearly died from my injuries.

Once I recovered enough, I killed him.  I murdered him in his sleep.  I’ll spare you the details.

But the damage he caused has made me unable to bear children.  Too much scarring from the injuries and secondary infections have scarred my uterus and Fallopian tubes beyond belief.

Fast forward to this week.

I am Vao’s blood doll and we are also dating.  Vao is half-vampire.  He was born that way, on his homeworld.  He’s also the main helmsman on the Orion Defiance.

Vao has had trouble controlling his vampire side.  His darker side has been fighting for control, and has appeared several times.  One of those times was in the mess hall.  He would have attacked Tal and/or Trevor if I hadn’t distracted him by cutting my hand and getting the scent of my blood to him.  I convinced him to leave the mess hall with me.

Not long after that, his darker side made another appearance, this time during a disagreement.  I followed Vao to the Holodeck and – after a heated discussion – his darker side used telekinesis to shove me out of the Holodeck and into the corridor.  I took a hard tumble as a result, and that apparently caused my previous injuries to be reinjured – H’Ress said it caused a tear internally.

I’ve always had some pain due to my injuries, but not long after the fall, I had pain that was intense.  Then it escalated to excruciating.  By the time I got to H’Ress, the situation was dire.  She took care of the bleeding and then examined me.  She seemed….horrified at the extent of my injuries.  I told her exactly what had happened.  She said it confirmed what she had found.

To make a long story short, H’Ress said she can help me – she took samples of my DNA and is cloning a new uterus for me.  She’ll implant it in me in a day or two, then I’ll need a few days to recover.  I took a leave of absence from the ship and should be back in a few days.

Vao is also on leave, with his sister, Cell.  Trying to get more control over his darker side.

I miss him terribly.  Not only just being with him, but….I miss him feeding.  I try not to think about it, but it’s hard.  I want him to feed so badly.  There are some other vampires I know, and….just looking at their fangs makes me….crave a bite so much.  *sighs*

Well, I guess I should go.  I miss everyone on the ship so much.  H’Ress is so sweet, but I get lonely when she’s at work.  😦

If anyone wants to comm me, please do!  I’d love to talk to you.